Business Brokers TODAY serves the Charlotte, Rock Hill, Fort Mill, York County, and Mecklenburg County areas selling restaurants, bars, and other properties
Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t I just sell my business on my own?

Yes, but the process of selling it yourself will negate confidentiality. One major focus of services during our relationship with Sellers will be to maintain confidentiality. We require a signed Non-Disclosure and a brief Net Worth Statement from all potential Buyers. These must be received before releasing any information in regards to the business's name, location, or any proprietary information. In addition to this, lenders and suppliers may be wary of continuing to do business with someone looking to sell; employees may consider alternatives; and customers may begin to try out your competitors.

How long will it take to sell my place?

Nine months to a year is the average length of time to finalize a sale. Every situation is different, due to a variety of factors.

Are your fees reasonable?

Very reasonable. We offer a clear value proposition to ensure this: "We'll get paid, when you get paid." All of services are free until we go to the closing with the attorney. No costs are incurred for the valuation, marketing, advertising, buyer qualifying, showings, preparation and presentation of all offers, lease negotiations, and assisting the closing attorney with required paper work, until we close the deal.

One of my friends said that he might be interested in buying my business. Can I still sell my ​business to him, after I sign a listing agreement with your company?

Once we list to sell your business, all offers must run through us. Tell your friend that if he's serious, then "Let’s sign an Offer to Purchase, and also make an earnest money deposit. That way we can take it off the market." Explain that you've been approached by a Business Broker who wants to market your business. Once listed, we intend to devote all of our energy and resources to making a sale occur as quickly as possible, and receiving fair compensation for everyone involved.